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Schmaltz kills

Schmaltz kills!

Sascha Appelhoff
Arthur Cohen
Mathias Deutsch
Hannah van Ginkel
Sandra Schlipkoeter
Eva Schwab
Tobias Sternberg
Daniel Wiesenfeld

Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY

1329 Willoughby Ave #2A, Brooklyn NY 11237
Hours: Sat and Sun 1 pm – 6 pm and by appointment

Opening: Saturday, February 18, 6-10 pm
Duration: Feb 18 – March 26, 2023

What do the following items have in common:

an axe with a shaft so hollowed out, it would instantly break when lifted
a set of horizons created by scanning nothing
a set of landscapes created by cleaning brushes
an image of a woman morphing into a mushroom cloud
an image of a naked man in piles of clothpatterns of interference bleeding into the wall
a collage of disabled peace doves

You ask me – schmaltz kills!

Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY is pleased to present Schmaltz kills! a group show that brings together works by eight artists affiliated with the Berlin-based project space Hilbert Raum ( This is part of the larger 5×5 exhibition exchange, which first took place in Berlin, in March 2022.